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            The homes of Mains Signature Homes are in a class by themselves . We insist on outstanding craftsmanship and the use of superior materials, constructing masterpieces that appeal to the most sophisticated clients.  Mains Signature Homes Inc has been an affiliant of Old Dominion Builders and a consultant for Long Company of Virginia.  

            When you choose Mains Signature Homes, you are ensuring not only that you will be creating a distinctive living space, tailored to your individual tastes, but that your home will have the structual integrity to endure for generations to come.    

            The residential building industry is becoming  more and more complex every day. From labor shortages to dealing with issues from the Counties and VDOT that cost more time and money.  We consistantly explore ways to figure out new solutions to maintain cost effectiveness and to hit targeted scheduled dates. The owner, Tye Mains, has been in the building industry for 15 years, with a degree in Construction Management from Colorado State University.  His building experience is in custom single family homes and garden style multi-family apartments and condos. 

           We look forward to developing a relationship with you, working together to create the Custom

home that, until now, you have only dared to imagine. 

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